8 Things We Should Teach Our Children to Help Our Planet Survive

Our kids pick up habits very quickly and, if we as parents teach them eco-friendly habits, it can play a huge role in preserving the environment. It’s essential to establish these habits so that our kids can connect better with nature and so it will inspire them to have lively conversations about saving the planet. It will also make them more aware of environmental challenges, so they can discuss ways to solve them in the future.

we would like to share a few things that can help teach our children about ways to save the planet.

1. Use social media to create solutions for saving the planet.Social media can become quite addictive, especially to the younger generation who are exposed to a variety of content and spend less time in nature. However, it can be used positively (like to save the planet) when kids are encouraged to connect, support, and inspire each other across the globe with a common interest in nature and conservation through exchanging ideas and creating solutions.

2. Learn that when emissions go down, global warming slows down.Children can be taught that vehicles are a huge cause of global warming and account for 1/5 of all emissions. They can take this info and apply it to their own future purchasing decisions. Taking good care of our planet can be done by avoiding overcrowding our environment with vehicles.Minimizing the number of vehicles per person reduces the emissions of carbon gases that cause pollution and promote global warming. Also, by using electric cars and fuel-efficient cars, we can promote renewable energy, since they produce zero emissions.



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